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You look out over the yard where Vitore is showing off to the pregnant girl she rescued from the streets, weaving the light of the fading sunset into a swirling cloak of sunfire sparks around her: entertainment rather than destruction.

You're both jealous and proud. She's truly living up to her namesake in spite of the fact that she now knows the darkness that birthed her into this world. And she stands far taller than you ever did when you came to terms with that nightmare. She seems still determined to prove that Willer doesn't have to mean weapon or exotic toy like the scientists intended, but that it could mean something more like hero, helper and entertainment by choice.

Your whole family of choice has always been doing that. All of you for the past few years have been building bridges and growing hearts where others would simply turn away and close their eyes to the differences that mark you as other: superpowers, gender nonconformity, and various forms of disability.

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29/bigender or polygender, presenting feminine/lifelong learner, reiki practitioner, writer.
passionate about animals, words, and helping human and non-human animals

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