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Not sure what my year end total for [community profile] inkingitout was but it was slightly higher than 58845, which is my final tally for [community profile] getyourwordsout.

+ Decent amount of poetry written
+ wrote a lot of my guilty pleasure "Common House Tales" fanfic series (I still have about I don't know maybe 50 stories to finish/post on that)
+ kickstarted one original Universe (More Than One) I'd been thinking about and it evolved differently than the original plan, so I have more to research
- did not catch up on original fiction Backlog
- did not finish any of the lengthy fanfics I was hoping to finish
- did not manage to complete any bingo cards

My goals for both communities is 75000 again. I'm gonna let them overlap a bit again.

First Quarter Goals for 2016 (Jan-Mar):
- finish the Backlog of Original Fiction
- release a poetry chapbook of all animal-themed poems
- complete my amnestied Ace Attorney Big Bang 2015 project and send it to my team/find a beta
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[community profile] inkingitout is open for Signups for 2016 until Dec 31st 2015. Minimum wordcount is 75000 and for them most anything you want to write probably counts (including school/work pieces).

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