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Class for the summer term is over.

I wrote this for Writing Our Stories Part 2 and I'm really proud of how far I've come... I don't often talk much publicly about being depressed in high school or what I was dealing with back then, so getting it out in writing publicly is a really powerful thing and I'm glad I've finally managed to reframe that story.

Untitled Recovery Story Vignette
by ~dreamersunited on deviantART

I also have a Future PlanTM for eventually getting a job at a pet store or offering to be a cat sitter around the neighborhood, though depending on what classes I get into for the fall, I may hold off on pursuing that field for awhile.

Meanwhile, I also have a volunteer job at the local MSPCA as a Cat Cuddler and Condo Cleaner, so I get up ridiculously early on Monday mornings so I can spend two hours socializing lots of cats and kittens.

We have some really awesome cats and kittens on the floor right now, but a couple of them have been around for awhile.

I'm thinking of making posts about the cats that I see on the floor that are either my fan favorites (I can only nominate one fan-favorite a week at the shelter, but there are so many really sweet cats on our floor and summer is our busiest season so I always nominate the cat I love most that day, even though i'd love to see a bunch of them on that list) or the cats that I really want to see adopted because while they're so affectionate, they may have behavioral issues that are making less people want to adopt them.

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