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Today was a student-teaching day of sorts.

I've been co-leading most of the EFT module of this class because I have done a lot of layperson telesummits and things like that since I was curious and I have practiced EFT a lot on my own and with my therapist.

The classroom agenda ended up being by the end:

EFT Variation: Choices Method
EFT Review: Basic Recipe + 9 Gamut Process
End of EFT Module Survey
Multi-person Reiki

It was a slightly smaller class than usual. 8 people if you include myself and the intern that eventually dropped down to 6, including self and intern.

But that meant we got to do multi-person Reiki for the last 20 minutes of class. That was fun. And it was something Cynthia wanted to toss in at some point we had a small enough class that it was doable and a nice way to end the class too. It's very chilling and has a similar effect to meditation -- lowers the room vibration down some notches. I always consider EFT an upper and Reiki a downer energy vibration-wise. That's why I usually do EFT in the mornings and Reiki at night. :) Only time I do EFT at night is if I am using an insomnia script.

After class I ended up talking to Marjorie about how I am thinking about both doing the Certified Peer Specialist training and possibly taking one of the teacher-training courses if they offer them next term. I am waiting to see when the schedule comes out... Supposedly next week on Monday the information should officially be out! So I guess I can check when I go to peer support group on Monday for lunch, though I feel a little weird because I think I am the youngest person who would attend them.
dreamwriters: a brunette girl with glasses with her hair pulled back wearing a blue and black checked shirt (Default)
Second week of classes through the research program I participate in through Boston University's Sargent College and this week was Wellness Week so I stayed later on Wednesday and today to participate in things.

Wednesday I helped out during a Reiki, Reflexology and Massage clinic. I helped with Reflexology and Massage because I don't know Reiki yet. And today I went after class on the Mindfulness Walk at Hall's Pond and Bird Sanctuary. There were ducks, squirrels, turtles and a huge Blue Heron. It was really nice and relaxing, though a little awkward in places because other people talking was a distraction, but it was a very good walk otherwise. I keep having to remember to file away Hall's Pond as an escape area close to home. The trip leader and I both talked about wanting to bring a sketchbook at some point and draw and write.

I like the classes I'm in: Therapeutic Energy and Touch Techniques which is going to cover Reiki, EFT, and self-massage and Developing Spirituality and Stress Hardiness which is a mix of mindfulness practices and stress reduction skills.

I also managed to talk to the guy who runs the newsletter finally.

I have a recovery story I'm turning in AND I intend to turn in an article on overcoming a sensitivity to touch. I'm still sensitive, but I find that the more I participate and am aware of when I'm getting sensitive, I'm able to handle it better.

Knowing other techniques to combine as necessary also helps.

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