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It's NaNo, I'm behind schedule. I'm disappointed in the election results. Fuck it I'm expanding my NaNo project again.

It's time to as [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith calls it, poke a bigot in the eye by spending your folding vote on the world you want to see.

You all have options:
A. Prompt Call Backlog Fill
Vote on a prompt from a previous prompt call to get written:
Previous Prompt Call Prompts
pollcode.com free polls

OR B. "Poke A Bigot in The Eye"

New prompts are preferred to be Poke A Bigot in the Eye material featuring (a) any type of minority, including but not limited to: characters with disabilities, queer folks, kinky folks, people of color, poor folks and/or any combination of the above (b) Nonviolent resistance/problems that can't be solved with hitting, and/or (c) gentle fiction/fluffy fiction.

1. (optional) Specify one of these universes:

Original Fiction
- Intergalactic Urban Search and Rescue: is a slipstream science fantasy/science fiction universe about two different types of space search and rescue teams. Hallows tends to be more science fantasy while Heartbeat tends to be more soft science fiction. there are a variety of minorities on both ships, including characters in relationships with nonhumans, queer characters, people of color, and low-income characters.

- Willerverse: The Bridge - Willerverse is dark superhero issue fiction. The Bridge is one of the underground safehouses which contains trans*, queer, POC, survivors of various types of violence who happen to either be superpowered individuals or their sympathizers/supporters.

- Agent DreamWriter - DreamWriter is a crosser who after gaining some changeling abilities from interacting too long with fae during a chaos shift, sold her soul to a secret agency that spans the multiverse, tracking down evil fae, demons and supervillains. This collection follows her journeys through various multiverses as she tries to find her runaway brother-of-choice.

Fanfic (these will be freebies)
- Welcome to Night Vale: Welcome to Night Vale is a diverse supernatural community in a southwestern us town where all the conspiracy theories are true. There are a variety of minorities both traditional and nontraditional/supernatural in Night Vale have your pick!

2. Give me a prompt. Use the above Poke-A-Bigot in the Eye list. If you need additional help you can also use the Bingo Card Tag OR the bingo generator.

Lists that may be useful from the generator include:
- Asexuality & Demisexuality
- Chromatic Characters
- Ethnic Groups
- Handicaps
- People with Disabilities
- People-Watching
- Types of Family
- Nonviolent Resistance
- Problems that can't be solved with hitting
- Gentle Fiction (No Sex, Violence or Foul Language)
- Cottoncandy bingo

How This Works
Leave me prompts. I write at least one thing to your prompt and post a brief snippet of it here and the sponsorship price. This prompt call runs through November 30th.

How to Support the Prompt Call

01. General Sponsorship
Leave a tip (recommended minimum $1) to support the continued existence of the Irregular Prompt Call.

02. Sponsor a Story or Poem
Generally fiction and poetry run from $3-30 USD.
Poetry Sponsorship

Poetry Length

Fiction Sponsorship


03. Linkback
Spread the word.

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