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Today's NaNoBoston Meet & Greet was awesome. End of story.

There were ~95 of 100 guests, and afterward Travis further enhanced his retelling of the NaNoBoston Ghost Story -- The Sad Story of Merlene, the One-Heeled Drag Queen of Waxacatchie County, and I love the new embellishments that occur every year. (Though with all the newbies and some very exhausted oldbies, taking cues wasn't as quick as it used to be -- I'll admit even I was slow this time around lol).

I am FINALLY running with the eons old running gag [personal profile] jaydeis and I had way back in 2006 where we both teased the first time MLs Travis and Anna (who are still the MLs now) that shouldn't NaNoBoston's mascot be The Count instead of Elmo ("I mean, we're counting words aren't we?")

I worked on putting my setting notes into Windows Scrivener and submitted my writing prompt (as per usual I just used a random word generator one of the writing comms I'm in on LJ uses) and announced the slight modification of the six-word story I invented a couple weeks ago -- "When Apollo suffers, his friends help." Which is quite honestly the summary of both stories I'm rebelling this year. (And as I do every year, I gave away my instant coffee pack to the first wrimo to wave their hands at me after the group picture lol).

Tomorrow everything's closed thanks to Sandy, so I have plans to get up at my usual ridiculously early hour anyways and finish all my pre-NaNo assignments (namely HOL stuff) in addition to finishing up my NaNo binder. Might also help a friend with her website and maybe finally re-organize my LJ stuff. IDK. Figure it out as the day goes on and whether or not the power actually sticks around here. It tends to be variable.

Not sure what Tues is going to look like. I'm hoping things don't get cancelled too 'cause there's a lot of important stuff going on.

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