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Birthdate:Apr 22, 1988
Location:Readville, Massachusetts, United States of America
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DreamWriters Dreaming.
where we weave and quilt stories from the borders of fiction and reality.
I'm Emma Hryniewicz, though I also go by Emmy. I'm a 29-year-old writer, reiki practitioner, oracle reader, graphic designer, photographer, artist, life-long learner, and dreamer. I've also been engaged for over 7 years.

While I graduated from Simmons College in August 2010 with a degree in Information Technology, I'm exploring my interests and figuring out what I want to do for a career.

Right now, I take classes through Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation's Recovery Education Program, an adult education program that offers classes to adults with psychiatric disabilities.

I also volunteer as a Cat Cuddler and Condo Cleaner Catwalk Cat Caretaker at the MSPCA-Angell Animal Adoption Center in Jamaica Plain. I additionally volunteer as a comoderator of All Year Sprints a year-round writing sprints forum and chatroom.

I identify as a Unitarian Universalist and some variation of Eclectic Pagan meshed with Christian spirituality and am for the most part solitary in my practice, though I attend First Parish in Brookline most Sundays. I draw aspects from a variety of different traditions and some personal gnosis.

I'm active in a variety of fandoms, though most of them I associate with more on my alternate private Dreamwidth account, [personal profile] dreamwriteremmy. This account is a public account to follow groups that I do not have room to follow on my private Dreamwidth and to meet people who are more interested in the mundane side of who I am.

I am a roleplayer as well and you can find my musebox at [community profile] realfantasia (which is also more associated with the fandom account, but I'm open to people adding either). :)

Feed the Writer and Oracle Reader
I am experimenting in crowdfunding written works and a couple different oracles (Tarot, Cartomancy & Runes). If you like my work, you can donate here. I also accept testimonials and reviews.

Buy Me a Coffee at
Most of my original works are licensed under Creative Commons unless otherwise specified.

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