Nov. 23rd, 2016

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Sweet merciful cupcakes, this is not going as planned!

2016 has been one hell of a year. If you're into woo-y stuff, 2016 is considered a 9 universal year. 9 years are basically about the transformational power of endings -- "one cannot heal the past, if they don't eventually let go of it".

It's been a year of tough global and local shifts and realizations and in some cases, deep loss. The struggle is real, but it's also a birth, a choice. For me it's been a really interesting transition and something of a practice for my own personal 9 year in this coming April.

I pulled out the default trio of decks I use for one of my Welcome to Night Vale inspired tarot spreads this morning, asking what I needed to know and the reading came up as follows:
 photo 15137605_10207193939678742_3690968965317218323_o.jpg
(click to view larger)

[image description: A tarot spread of what should be a 9-card block. The top row is of cards from Danielle LaPorte's Truthbombs Volume 1 Deck is overlying thoughts which tend to represent edgy truths to consider, the middle row of cards is from Sonia Choquette's Trust Your Vibes oracle card deck which represents actions that can be taken, and the bottom row of cards is from my Yu--Gi-Oh! TCG playing card oracle deck, which represents thoughts feelings and actions underneath the actions and truths to consider.
Middle Column - Center cards: Stay in your own skin & Let Go, bottom middle card: Reverse Trap, Top Middle: Recalibrate what you're willing to compromise on & Absolutely everything is progress (Reversed)
Left Column - Center Cards: Mentors and Role Models & Call on your Joy Guides, Bottom left card: Soul Exchange, Top left card: Your life purpose is what you say it is (Reversed)
Right Column - Center Card: Talk Shop, Bottom Right: Dark Assailant (Reversed), Top Right: We know each other]

I interpreted the reading this way:

Focus/main action: Stay in your own skin & let go. Underlying thoughts to main action: beware the reverse trap -- take care that for the time being there will be opposition. Overthoughts on the main action: recalibrate what you're willing to compromise on; maybe consider that not absolutely everything is progress.

Things to do to help you perform main action: call on your mentors, role models and joy guides. Underlying thoughts to this action: remember that there is always an energy exchange. Overthoughts on this action: consider if your life purpose might not be what you say it is.

Actions to consider performing after you get in your skin and let go of what no longer serves: talk shop. Underlying thoughts: Consider serving for Justice and what is right. Overthoughts: Remember that those who remain know each other.

With the upcoming season and a new year soon enough, there's a lot of things to think about and consider.

And I can't help but reflect on how hard it is to make the choice to do these things. It's hard to be the person in the room who stands up even when things are terrifying. To be the writer who will go where other writers fear to tread. To be the change I want to step into.

(This was written for [ profile] therealljidol Season 10, Week 1. If you missed it, our home game introduction is back here)

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