Nov. 13th, 2016

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Hi everyone, we’re back again. This year deciding to only write collectively, though we aren’t sure what our gimmick this round will be. :)

We’ve done RLJI in various forms since Season 5 - Ruby (a headmate) did Season 5 via [ profile] crowblood_heart (entries), we collectively did Seasons 6-8 we did collectively on [ profile] dreamwriteremmy and Exhibit B as our Agent DreamWriter character on [personal profile] dreamwriteremmy (entries), and we did season 9 collectively here on [ profile] dreamwriters (entries) and Giselle (a headmate) also participated in Season 9 via [ profile] gisellewakfld (entries).

We’re an over 100 member plural system and usually we go by Dreamers United which is our actual system name, but when we’re writing professionally, it’s usually The DreamWriters now or our legal name which is Emma (we use Emmy as a nickname). Our preferred pronouns are they conjugated as plural, so they are, etc. (We’ll accept female and genderneutral pronouns as well, or you could just ask since who’s fronting tends to also determine pronouns.)

We write a little bit of everything: personal narrative, fiction, poetry, and fanfiction.

We are 28 years old and a reiki practitioner and lifelong learner and a cat caretaker volunteer at our local animal shelter. Currently on top of participating with Idol, we are also doing a variety of projects for National Novel Writing Month, including a currently open Irregular Prompt Call. If you want to help us write stories this month, please go over to the prompt call open post on Dreamwidth (or here on LJ) for stories about: minority characters, nonviolent resistance, problems that can’t be solved with hitting and/or happy prompts!

About Me

29/bigender or polygender, presenting feminine/lifelong learner, reiki practitioner, writer.
passionate about animals, words, and helping human and non-human animals

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