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[community profile] allbingo Wellness Toolbox Bingo Fest
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I'm running this month's Bingo Fest on [community profile] allbingo (which is running from May 2nd to June 1st).

I'll be creating a mix of things based on the public card.

If there's a prompt you really want to sponsor, I'm taking donations to NAMIWalksMA in lieu of tips.
Wellness Toolbox Bingo Card )
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Working On
Quilt Outline for Ace Attorney Big Bang (Recovery/Journal Universe) due Apr 20th
Quilt Outline for Willerverse (10000) (due Apr 1st)
In Portent, Things - very belated from March Creative Jam prompt. Sohvi is a Heliodrax with a passion for intuitive studies. This is her knowledge cache.
[community profile] charloft bingo card (due Apr 1st)
Oracle Reading Landing Page
Games for AYS's Writer Games (due Apr 1st)

In Planning
May's All Bingo Card (Mental Health/Wellness) -- there's some very useful lists already existing on the generator. I might do some googling to find some additions, though.

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