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Camouflaged Meetings of Protest

These are the years we don't speak of.
Except in quiet discontentment
"I wish it were just a dream"
People divided within the Matrix
With a puppetmaster running the show
His puppet, a child pretending to be Godzilla,
tearing down all we were
All that we'd built,
all the progress we'd made

Small crowds gather
Awoken within the Matrix
Faithfully stepping forward
To Protect and Serve
That Progress
Keeping Hope Alive
Away from them
Protecting it for the future
Trying to avoid
The World War
Threatening to Reboot the Matrix
Making us Small and Insignificant

This was written for [livejournal.com profile] therealljidol Season 10, Week 4: Sudden Death Match: Open Topic. I decided to generate myself a postage stamp bingo card for my personal prompt and wrote something inspired by it.

Keep It Away from Them It Was All a Dream
World War The Matrix Gets Rebooted

[table description: four square bingo card with the following prompts: "keep it away from them", "it was all a dream", "world war", "the Matrix gets rebooted"]

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