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My Universes (Original Fiction)

Intergalactic Urban Search and Rescue
Intergalactic Urban Search and Rescue is an open-source slipstream sci-fi/science fantasy universe following mixed race and species teams of rescue workers and scholars. The hiveship Hallows leans more science fantasy. The hiveship Heartbeat tends to be more soft science fiction with some biotechnological influences.
Creative Commons License
Intergalactic Urban Search and Rescue by Emma Hryniewicz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at http://brides-koneko.dreamwidth.org.

In Too Deep (LJ)

Willerverse is an open-source dark dystopian supervillain/superhero issues universe. In Willerverse, the military happens to have gotten bought out by supervillain scientists who are involved in the experimental Willer Program. Subjects who survive the program and gain superpowers are known as Willers. Underground, runaway Willers tend to run sanctuaries for people with and without powers. This universe deals a lot with trauma issues and related mental health concerns.
Creative Commons License
Willerverse by Emma Hryniewicz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at http://brides-koneko.dreamwidth.org.

Building Bridges, Growing Hearts (LJ)

Johanna's Collection
A collection of stories focusing on the recovery of a teen ballerina named Johanna as her town recovers from a devastating hurricane.

More Than One
Written in a style similar to Sesame Street's Workshop Toolkits, More Than One follows two different styles of plural systems in Massachusetts -- Jade Heartbeat is trauma-influenced plural system and Tiny Dream Bouquet is natural/metaphysical plural system -- and presents itself as a teaching tool for how to manage different things that come up in plural living.

Jade Heartbeat
Marl's Birthday Part 1 (LJ)
Marl Cooking for Sandra (LJ)
Jaden's Discussion with their Therapist(LJ)
Aftermath (LJ)

Agent DreamWriter
DreamWriter is a crosser who after gaining some changeling abilities from interacting too long with fae during a chaos shift, sold her soul to a secret agency that spans the multiverse, tracking down evil fae, demons and supervillains. This collection follows her journeys through various multiverses as she tries to find her runaway brother-of-choice.

Lance of Luxuria (LJ)

Beyond Tales
Beyond Tales is an educational fiction visual novel with a tv spin-off that teaches creativity and creative writing skills through a writer, Starling, and one of their characters, Fiore, using an Artist as deity mythos model. Each episode we drift between Starling's Real World (her office and local coffee shops and parks) and her innerworld (a changeable universe it begins as a desert oasis but shifts to forests, meadows, beaches, and castles depending on what she's writing). Fiore is created and lives in this world, but assists in illustrating the uses of the creative skills portrayed in each episode.

Beyond Tales Meta & Fanmix (LJ)

Universes I've Collaborated In

Nine for the Nebula's Heart ([community profile] nineforthenebulasheart)
Nine for the Nebula's Heart (the 9NH collaborators) / CC BY-SA 4.0

Questions of Spirit (LJ)

Heliodrax (Heliodrax Index)

Possibilities (LJ)

"I Am From..." (Testimonial Poem) (LJ)
"Scaredy Cat" (poem) (LJ)
"Shaky Cat" (poem) (LJ)
"Mixed Messages" (poem) (LJ)
"Mercury Retrograde" (poem) (LJ)
"Carlo" (poem) (LJ)
"The Dreamers United Oath" (poem) (LJ)
"Innerworld" (poem) (LJ)
"Life" (poem) (LJ)
"Hummingbird-brained Scientist" (poem) (LJ)
"Headmates as Family" (poem) (LJ)
"To The Creators" (poem) (LJ)
"Unknown" (poem) (LJ)
"Evening Sun Sunflower (Honeybees's Acrostic)" (poem) (LJ)
"Complicating Food" (poem) (LJ)

Mending What You Can (Welcome to Night Vale ficlet) (LJ)
Carlos might be back in Night Vale, but he’s not sure if he’s made the right choice: is it really mending when you replace one broken relationship with another?

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