Mar. 3rd, 2014

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I'm back in the craziness of [ profile] therealljidol for Season 9 (on top of all the OTHER craziness I'm doing over the next few months [like writing an epic polyamory-themed fanfic, finding a job, mentoring a student in Reiki, and helping out with the Earth-based Spirituality group at church]).

Also this journal is public which means that things that have been talked about on my other account WILL come up here and this account is actually associated with my legal name because I want to be able to own everything.

I'm not sure how week 0 is going to work this time around, but I can explain why the switch in whatever way Gary decrees when that happens.

If you'd like to join the insanity and be a part of an amazing batch of creative writers, the sign-up is over here and the FAQ is over here

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29/bigender or polygender, presenting feminine/lifelong learner, reiki practitioner, writer.
passionate about animals, words, and helping human and non-human animals

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